Team 2960 is a robotics team with students from Ernest W. Seaholm High School and Wylie E. Groves High School in Birmingham, Michigan. We value teamwork, and the importance of learning in the fields of engineering technology. We value inspiration, and ideas, for these are what make us who we are.  We know that our team members are committed to learning and teaching the skills needed to provide for a bright future.

Our Team

The hard working members of our team ensure that all of us have the most enjoyable experience possible. Our mentors are some of the most experienced members in their field, bringing with them, the needed experience that allows us to educate the next generation. Our robots are designed and built by the numerous students who are fascinated in a future in engineering and technology. We try hard not only to win, but to have the most fun while doing so. Our award-winning strategy and advanced robotics design techniques has helped us consistently rank among the top teams   The team Automation Nation is made of students of the schools of Seaholm High School and Groves High School, and the dedication of the people who support us.


There’s nothing more thrilling for a robotics student than the air of a competition. It’s the culmination of months of work for members of the team and members of the organization that created it. Seeing the wide variety of proudly displayed robots in action, and the hard work that went into them is made ​possible by FIRST. The FIRST program achieves this through robotics competitions, with four hosted each year. The valiant employees and volunteers of FIRST ensure that competitions are organized fairly so that everyone participating can learn and have fun.

Visit the FIRST website for more information.


OCCRA stands for Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association.

The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association is a local robotics competition whose goal is to foster a learning environment for students interested in the field of engineering technology. With their more accessible local robotics competitions, OCCRA makes it easier to inspire enthusiasm for Engineering in nearby schools. Unlike the FIRST competition, the robot is 100% designed and built by students. This provides the students with hands on experience that puts them ahead and encourages in a future career in Technology and Engineering.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to contact us using the email listed below. Please to not hesitate to contact us with any information!